Audio & Video

5 be 4 prepared! © 2019 Brian Neil
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.
A nod to the great Nerve here, with my own concoction © 2020 Nigel Tilbury.

A small edit at 15 seconds, in the interests of brevity.

All of the above tracks were mostly recorded & entirely mixed by me at The Doghouse.

Three of the video backing tracks were downloaded free online to avoid copyright infringement and I thank the musicians who made them.

Big gratitudes go to Jody Barton & Brian Neil.

Borderline – Astro HatchBand YouTube channel

Taken from the live album Astro Hatch, drums by Nigel Tilbury. Written by Claus Bøhling & Nigel Tilbury ©2020. Live concert recording by Svenning Haaning.