How It Works

Initially contact me on: with demos/sound files of your music, preferably including a separate click track – if not the BPM/s will do – with any thoughts on how you imagine the drum parts to be. We can then discuss the best way to create the drum parts & which sound will work the best. As well as remote sessions I can offer in-person work at my Copenhagen studio.

I will then record the drum track/s and send them to you roughly mixed for your comments. When you are happy, I will then send you the finished, separate drum tracks as either WAVs, AIFFs, stems or as a Pro Tools session. I can also send fully mixed stereo files if that is your preference.

How I Charge

Price is without structures or hidden extras: 800DKK (Danish Kroner) $120.00/£100.00 per track, including delivery in whatever format/s you have chosen. I will generate invoices for you and can accept payments by PayPal invoice – you can pay these securely by Bank Transfer or Credit Card.


Yamaha Maple Custom drumset plus a selection of snare drums inc. Mapex, Premier, Yamaha & Sound Percussion Labs. Paiste cymbals. Assorted percussion. AKG, Røde, Shure, Beyer microphones. 2 x Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre’s with Air. Pro Tools (latest version), Focal Alpha 50 professional active monitors.

Live Room

Custom constructed, with great live acoustics and variable sound reflective and absorbing material.


Nigel Tilbury

+45 27 57 12 48