Voice Overs/FX

I can provide and/or record the music, voice overs (in English myself or record your voice) and the sound effects for your advert, TV, film or DVD project. After many years experience as a radio DJ, my voice has appeared on numerous such projects. Perfect if you need to reach an ‘international’ audience. Below are a few examples:

Winter Bikepacking short film

Above is a GribGrab Winter Bikepacking short movie. I provided, recorded and edited the voice over (starting at 0:32)

Animation film for The Danish Plastic Industry.
Short animation film for The Danish Plastic Industry.

These two education animations were made for The Danish Plastic Industry. On the first I wrote and recorded the music, recorded the sound effects and the voice over. It was also all mixed by me in my studio The Doghouse. On the second one I recorded the voice over.

The above TV program was recorded ‘live’ for The Index Design For Life Award Ceremony in 2015, in the presence of HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. I voiced both the introduction to the ceremony from 0:40 – 01:26 and The Tesla Power Wall short film from 17:40 – 18:30.


Nigel Tilbury


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